Any Urgent Artwork, or artwork sold at Heart of Jules is sold on the condition that it is for limited commercial use; you must have either a Basic Commercial Use Licence which has certain requirements, or an Extra Commercial Use Licence which allows you to use the artwork one time only in something that will be sold to more than one buyer.

If you have purchased Urgent Artwork from Julianne (please contact us if you have purchased these elsewhere), you will have a Basic Commercial Use Licence enclosed with your zipped files. These state that you may use these products commercially provided that you follow the Basic Commercial Use Licence conditions for using Urgent Artwork and you

are not selling more than one copy of what you are producing with our work, eg, for a client: one website or brochure (if the brochure will be mass produced, and is distributed for free). If your products will be sold to multiple people, you will need a Extra Commercial Use Licence. If you are unsure whether or not your usage of the product requires an Extra Commercial Use Licence, please contact us stating where the art will be used and how it will be distributed.

This license is more expensive because the Extra Commercial Use Licence lets you use Urgent Artwork for something that will be sold many times, eg, in a magazine for sale, a web template for sale, on a t-shirt or poster for sale or a a DVD, CD or game for sale, (examples of items intended to be sold many times). Apply.