Urgent Artwork, based in New Zealand, has been supplying artwork and handwritten fonts online since 1999 for users with various design needs, including those needing art for print, web design and digital scrapbooking. In 2007, to cater to an online demand, the first online shop (at Art Mama) began operating, which is being migrated in 2013 to Art. Grow. Love. In 2009, web designers began to find out about the quick, easy way to make art for websites, using high quality pngs with transparent backgrounds and jpegs from Urgent Artwork - these graphic files can be used over and over in any position like clipart in your artwork to create a multitude of different looks, as you can see from the backgrounds on this site. Click here to see how it works.

Two Julesart and Artmama fonts are free for

personal use and available for commercial use providing a Commercial Use of Fonts licence is purchased (A basic CUFL is included in the 8 font pack). For more information, email us.

Previously art was downloaded for print (300dpi) and web graphics (96dpi), but this is being reviewed to consider other forms of delivery. Click here to see the latest art.

Digital art from Art Mama / Urgent Artwork is for personal and commercial use with the Basic Commercial Use Licence (included with purchase), unless your products will be sold to more than one buyer. If you are using Urgent Artwork in something to be sold more than once, you will need a Extra Commercial Use Licence. Please contact us if you are unsure. Freebies are NEVER for commercial use without Special Written Permission.